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For a start up branding is critical, I have already written about keeping your brand authentic but how do you create your brand strategy and how do you include authenticity in to your branding concept?

One blog post is not enough to help you find the answers, instead I will be answering this over the next few weeks.

To help you get started: a critical part of branding is about creating your tone of voice. This is what will set the standard for all your communication with consumers and shape how you are perceived in the market. This is where you can bring your personality and distinct style into your business.

Remember – tone of voice is not just what you say but how you say it.

Below is a link to an article that I came across that takes you through the process of developing your tone of voice. It’s going to take some time to read – there is a lot of information but this is the first time I have seen this process detailing step by step how to create your voice.

Article – tone of voice step by step

Once you have established a tone of voice, this will help shape all your communication. At Nurture we created a script (used in our video) that followed the branding guideline and our chosen tone of voice.

Some brands are incredibly smart with their tone of voice and branding, strong examples include Innocent, The Kooples, British Gas and Nike. Lifestyle brands often have a really well-crafted tone of voice.

An incredible campaign is the ‘this girl can’ campaign by Sport England. It speaks directly to women; it’s motivational yet very grounded. They purposely promote women with bodies of all shapes and sizes, the language they use is simple and direct with a feminine bias. It’s an incredibly relatable campaign which is no mean feat with such a large scale target audience.

Have a look at the brands that you love, look at the language they use and their tone of voice, is it personal (i.e. using ‘your’), is it humorous, do you relate to the copy?

TIP – Make sure you know and understand your target audience, what motivates them, what do they respond to, what brands do they follow, like or recommend, this will help you shape your tone of voice.

Speak soon!